Seller Information


Outside counsel will prepare your Deed and other documentation required for the transfer of title to your property. Our staff will obtain payoffs of your existing loans secured by your property, will obtain information from your Homeowner’s Association to ensure all obligations have been paid, and will otherwise cooperate with the settlement agent effecting the sale of your property.

Items need for settlement

  • Photo Identification (A government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport)
  • Copies of the latest statements of any loans or other items to be paid at settlement
  • If funds are to be wired to your account, a voided check

Disbursement of funds

Walker Title, LLC will process the disbursement of your settlement funds quickly and efficiently. Virginia law requires that all funds must be received in cash or its equivalent, and that the funds be deposited prior to disbursement of proceeds. Further, the Deed and the lender documents must be recorded in the clerk’s office to ensure the purchaser received good, marketable title to the property. You should expect to receive your funds within two business days of settlement. In most cases funds will be available the next business day. If you are planning on attending settlement on another property within two days of settlement, please provide the details of that settlement so that we may coordinate the transfer of funds to the settlement agent. Our staff can wire transfer funds directly to your account if you provide a voided check; the net proceeds can be mailed pursuant to your instructions; or you can arrange to pick up the funds after settlement.